Interview (auf englisch)
done: simon 21.09.2000
1.) Before I start to ask about Blackhouse in general, I want you to answer me some questions about your new album "sex sex sex". First of all it's the title. Why it's the word "sex" repeated three times?

It's a play on words. Anyone who knows me knows that I indeed have a very rich sense of humor. Let me explain.... when Dark Vinyl approached me for a new CD, I gave him a few options on the theme. I've covered many subjects over the years like death, life, salvation & rebellion.... but never sex. Sex was one of the concepts I presented to Dark Vinyl. Lot's of Sex..... a whole lotta sex.... too much sex. SEX SEX SEX. !!!
The topic of SEX covers a wide range of emotions. Lust, greed, guilt, pleasure, deceit, sin, happiness & even "Family Values". So you see, it's an open field & SEX was the topic.
You also know that I'm interested in the whole "Good/Bad" thing. The "Right/Wrong" thing...... the Heaven/Hell thing.... and....
I'm a joker at heart - always dishing up the unexpected, so.... I decided to name the CD "Sex Sex Sex" knowing full well that the Germans say "sechs sechs sechs" which means "666".
It's a play on words... a PUN.
But don't you see how it ties it all in?:
It's all so beautiful if you really think about it.

2.)I was really surprised when I remarked that for "sex sexs sex" you went back to the "traditional" blackhouse sound. How comes?

Personally, I don't think there is a "traditional" Blackhouse sound because I try to do things differently with each release. I do think progression is important - even to the point where it comes 'round full-circle! And while I take a sly nod to the past, I tend to update it so that it is new. I'm not interested in repeating myself. That is treading water, and I would much rather swim into new uncharted depths and perhaps struggle for air (or even drown!) than to remain stagnant & un-moving. A Rolling Stone gathers no moss.....
Also, it's not really a conscious desire to emulate a certain kind of sound because the material I'm doing lately is all improvisation. It's all recorded LIVE instead of being multi-tracked tape or sequenced material. I like the electricity of recording LIVE because the mistakes inspire me to venture into new realms. Mistakes show me a pathway to a place my mind had constructed artificial barriers around. LIVE is where it's at! Many of the songs on Sex Sex Sex were recorded LIVE. Most are improvisation.
I like this method of thought.
It's a good way to work for me.

3.) Is sex sex sex to be understood as an concept album?

Every Blackhouse record is a concept album!

4.) Blackhouse may be described as "old school industrial". Do you agree?

Yes, and while I dislike being lumped into a category I believe that "Old School Industrial" is an OK one for me. I view "Old School" as meaning "one of the original". My sound is constantly changing & the term "Industrial" means different things to different people, so perhaps "Industrial" doesn't fit quite exactly, but I've been around since 1984 with Blackhouse so I believe I qualify. My favorite "Rock" bands are old school..... my fave "Rap" bands are old school & my favorite "Electronic" bands are old school. So it sits well with me to be called "Old School". Industrial?
Less than some... more than most.

5.) What is industrial to you anyway?

To me.......... Industrial music was a lot more interesting back in the first years. Bands like Einsturzende Neubauten, SPK, Throbbing Gristle, Z'ev..... and then came Factrix, Pacific 231, Vivenza, Controlled Bleeding, Le Syndicat & Blackhouse. You know: Noise stuff WITHOUT big gated drum sounds. I think it was more experimental back then. People were trying NEW things with sound. I like the experimental aspects.
Nowadays I hear the same "new" thing..... time after time. Sometime in the early-mid 1990s a bunch of people got together & decided that big beat drums and guitar samples were "Industrial". I don't listen to this type of music. I don't like it! It's not industrial to me...... But more importantly, I just don't think it's good music.
The spirit isn't there..... it's just not good.

AND.... I don't "worship" old Industrial or "wish" that it was the 1980s again or anything. I'm not a fanatic....
But it was better music than what I hear now.
Nowadays it's just money I hear.... and popularity!
It's not important to be popular!
It's important to...


6.) Nowadays, Industrial is understood once more as a provocative music. Many younger bands, like Genocide Organ or Grey Wolves use symbols on stage like burning crosses that may be understood in a political sense. Being asked, they often reply that they just want to provoce and love to mess around with themes taboo to society. What´s your opinion? Do you also think that the spirit of Industrial is provocation?

Yes! Definitely! To me, Industrial was a natural rejection of the Punk doctrine! Punk came along & said "We don't need guitar lessons or rules.... just Anarchy!" which is fine & noble, but to back it up with 1-4-5 chord progressions was futile! Industrial came along & said "We don't even need instruments... and Anarchy???? That's just more rules!!!!".
It was Freedom. I'm into freedom.
Industrial is freedom.

7.) Is Blackhouse also a provocative Band?

Bingo! I like ticking off the people with closed minds! It's sooooooooooooo fun. And people get so angry & miffed at me..... I've had both Christian and "black metal" distributors refuse to carry Blackhouse product. Why? Because of the content! What could be more gratifying than to be banned???!!! When I get banned or blacklisted it just means that I'm doing something important. Every black mark by my name elevates me into a higher plateau. I pack more wallup just because I have a reputation.
I think I provoke people just by my existence!


8.) Why it's not easy being Blackhouse?

It's a constant fight. People want me to explain everything to them.... they attack my stance.... they steal my music.... they steal my name..... they want answers...... they look up to me for answers..... they say I'm fake...... they say "Sex Sex Sex" is an "evil" record, but each one would not be even born without sex! They say I'm righteous.... they say I'm evil..... they say I preach.... they say I don't preach enough.....

It's just too much.
I don't have to always defend myself.
I don't have to always explain myself.
I don't have to prove anything.

I'm not a guru.... I'm not a prophet.....

I'm just a guy....
With a microphone.

9.) Getting back now some years…is it true that you named your Musical Projekt "Blackhouse" in opposition to the Projekt "Whitehouse"?

It started out that way because although I liked Whitehouse's music, the lyrics were no good, so I developed the antithesis of that & called it Blackhouse. Big deal. Now it's a political thing because I believe in the opposite of America's White House. The Government. I consider them to be an enemy of Freedom. Not good. It's a noble cause to defy the Evil Empire. That's what I do. That's what I am. The opposite of the White House:

10.) What makes Blackhouse unique is the christian spirit inside your music. Wasn´t it difficult to get these two elements together? I man, it happens to me often when I see some young people dancing to "five minutes after I die", carrying tons of pagan symbols and, as a DJ, I tell them later on what´s the song about(I was able to understand some lyrics;-) ), and they just look at me very astonished "wow, he really shouts that?"

Whether you're dancing to some "satan rock" or Blackhouse, you're still dancing to the Apocalypse. Most satanists do not realize they are actually Christians in denial! I mean, whether they like white or black is not the issue. The issue is that they believe in the Spiritual Mechanism! They believe in the process! You must believe in UP if you believe in DOWN - right?
Therefore, all who believe in the System shall be called Christians.

As far as its effect on people..... I don't know.
I don't really believe in that "Def Leppard made my son shoot himself in the head because of backmasking" stuff, so I'm unsure as to the effects of Blackhouse lyrics on listeners.

People have the choice to choose their own paths. I believe that!

PLUS..... ya gotta admit: If I shock them with lyrics, I'm just doing my job again! So few bands shock anymore. I'm glad I can still shock. Thanks.

11.) Do you understand this positive spirit in an so-called destructive music also as a kind of provocation?

YES!!! Why do you think I do it!?
They tried to stop me many times on my path.... BUT 23 records later, I'm still going strong & I'm still able to shock.
Even after all of the bad vibes, blacklists & threats.
I'm still doing my thing.

12.) What will Blackhouse present us in the future?

The NEW CD is called "Dreams Like These" which is a more subtle ambient record. It's on the American label Blacklight Records. People say that it's scary. I find it relaxing actually! It's out NOW! There's a lot of space on it. Atmosphere. Relaxing & spooky stuff. No drumboxes or fuzz-vocals. All live improvisation!
After that, I MIGHT release the long-awaited VOX ULTRA CD that was scheduled for later this year. I might not. I don't know. There's some talk of a tribute album and boxed set, but these things don't excite me too much. They're just objects... bundled "proof" of my influence & expertise..... ehhh.

I'm more interested in feelings....

I just wanna LIVE!